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Rules of the Fair

1. The Faribault County Fair Board of Directors reserves the final and absolute
right to interpret these rules and regulations and determine all matters, questions
and differences in regard thereto or otherwise arising out of an incident to the fair.

2. The management reserves the right to amend or add to these rules as in its
judgement, may deem advisable.

3. Any person who violates any rules will forfeit all privileges and premiums
and be subject to such penalty as the governing board may order.

4. Greatest possible care will be executed by the management to protect a
patron of the Faribault County Fair, each individual will be held personally
responsible for any injury.

5. The Faribault County Agricultural Society assumes no liability for loss or
damage to any property of the concessionaire, exhibitor, or patron due to theft,
fire, tornado, weather condition or other causes.

6. Persons having claims against the society must present them to the board
within 15 days after the last day of the fair in writing.

7. two approved areas for consuming alcoholic beverages only are the Veter-
ans Memorial Building west of the grandstand and track area in front of the
grandstand during a concert. Having and consuming alcoholic beverages or
other chemical substances on any other fairground premises is not allowed.

8. Distributing advertising materials on the fairgrounds can only be from a paid
exhibit area. Posting on fairgrounds property is not permitted.

9. Authorized vehicles will only be allowed on fairgrounds during the fair.
Shuttles will be available to transport individuals to many locations as needed.
Each shuttle station will be clearly marked.

No Pets, Skateboards, Roller Skates, in-Line Skates or Bikes Pet Exceptions...
10. Certified service animals (Proper Identification Required) for individuals
with disabilities.

11. Dogs or other pets may be allowed when part of an exhibition or demon-
stration of show and shall be removed immediately following the event.

12. Use of roller skates, in-line skates, bikes or skateboards SHALL NOT BE
PERMITTED on the Faribault County Fairgrounds except as authorized in an
agreement executed by the Fair Board.

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